Pet Owner Guidelines

When you are booking pet friendly accommodation in Brisbane you have an expectation that the place you book is a genuinely offering a stress free stay for both and your pet. We welcome your lovable dog or cat and have guidelines which are usually what you would follow at home.

Our Guidelines

Please ensure your pet does not make any undue noise that may disturb neighbours.

  • Pets are not allowed in the bedrooms.Pets in beds and on the furniture are not allowed.
  • Bring towels for drying off your pet after the beach or a wash.
  • You must clean up completely after your pet, including droppings from garden and hair in the house.
  • Your dog must not be left unattended in the house under any circumstance. When you leave please keep your dog outside.
  • Any damage is to be rectified
  • You must not leave doors open for your pet when you leave the house. The house must always be locked when you go out.
  • Please bring bedding for your dog, guest towels etc. must not be used for your dog

By following these rules and expectations we can guarantee our pet friendly short term accommodation in Brisbane is a happy experience for your family and your pet.

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