What We Provide For Your Pet

Having pet friendly holiday houses in Brisbane has been a warming experience over the last 10 years. We have realised most people come prepared and bring the things that are familiar and routine for your pet. Like their own water and food containers. Secondly, owners bring the pet’s favourite blanket or bedding. As well as bringing towels, poo bags and scoop and litter tray. Lastly be sure that the pet has familiar things to keep them happy, owners bring the pet’s favourite toys.

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This means we provide the things that you can’t travel with.

Friendly neighbours at all the houses that are ok with pets next door. Of course you have the guidelines to follow so the neighbours stay that way!
By providing a fully fenced yard at all of the pet friendly holiday houses your pet will be secured. With the cool breezes off the Bay, your pet will be cool in the shade outside.  So you can safely leave them outside when you go out.
We provide outside water bowls by the tap to be doubly sure they always have water when you are away.
We ask you to bring your own towels, however if you forget do ask and we will whisk one over to save you using one of the towels intended for your use. If we have a particularly rainy patch we will drop off some towels so you always have a dry one on hand for the pet and floor.
Some of the houses have “cat doors” provided. We ask that when you go out you lock the door so the pet cannot go into the house . It is a good idea to spend time with them in the back yard so they feel familiar when the time comes that you go out.
By staying in one of our short term pet friendly rentals in Brisbane,  you can be sure your pet is welcome and secure.