Dog-friendly Walks in Wynnum Manly

Enjoy strolling around Wynnum Manly in these places suited not just for you but also your loyal, four-legged companion.

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Wynnum Esplanade

Split into a Lower Esplanade and Waterloo Esplanade, the Wynnum Esplanade offers you and your dog fresh bayside breeze and stunning views of the water. The esplanade is a very popular walking area for dogs where you can chat with other dog-owners and pet-sitters about your furry friends while soaking up the sun and sea views.

Wynnum Mangrove Boardwalk

Another popular choice for dog owners, this 1.5km walk can be found at the North Esplanade near Elanora Park. You and your furry friend will enjoy the sight of the mangroves and different wildlife that have called this place home. Just make sure your dog stays on his leash! The Wynnum Mangrove Boardwalk is part of the Bayside Parklands.

Wynnum Foreshore

This long strip of parks with picnic areas, walkways and cycleways are perfect for dog walks! From here, you can easily head to the Pandanus Beach and take a dip. If you and your dog are up for it, you may walk a few more blocks along the Esplanade all the way to the Elanora Park. While the Wynnum Foreshore is a popular spot all throughout the week, it can get crowded particularly during weekend markets.

Elanora Park

This huge park is a haven for dogs, big and small! It features an area for big dogs and small dogs, as well as a walking path starting from the off-leash area to the football fields  There are also shaded areas that offer you and your dog respite from the heat, as well as agility equipment for your dog to practice his skills on. Located near the Wynnum Mangrove Boardwalk, Elanora Park gives you a beautiful view of the mangroves growing on the water.

Pandanus Beach

This man-made beach located along the Wynnum Esplanade is a favourite of families with young kids and dog-owners! It features a very relaxing beach front with gentle slopes dotted with pandanus trees, hence the name. This beach is perfect if you wish to introduce your dog to sea critters such as army crabs that show up during low tide!

Breakwater Park

Another pet-friendly park in Wynnum, Breakwater Park is a locals’ favourite for relaxing with their dogs and families. Located at the Waterloo Esplanade, this is a popular and peaceful waterfront park where you may encounter other dog-owners also treating their pets for a lovely stroll. Dogs are even allowed on the water!

Evelyn Road Dog Park

If you want your dog to socialise, this park located at Wynnum West is perfect! Many dog-owners take their pets to this nice and quiet park for a stroll or for quality play time with their furry kind. There is a fenced area but it has no shade, so make sure you bring lots of fluids to keep you and your pet hydrated!

Wynnum Central Park

The Wynnum Central Park located along Florence Street is home to the historical Carron “Clifton” Cannon, one of the dozen cannons that arrived on May 1862 on the “Clifton”. This park has an open space where you can walk with your furry friend while brushing up on some history lesson.

Dog-friendly Walks near Wynnum Manly

There are also some dog-friendly walks near Wynnum Manly that you might be interested in.

Lota Creek Boardwalk

Another offering by the Brisbane Parklands, the Lota Creek Boardwalk is a 2km trail that features a boardwalk area and connects Lota’s park areas to Ransome’s natural reserve areas. Keep your dog on a leash while you are walking past the Lota Creek, salt marshes and forests found on this area.

Kianawah Park

Located at Tingalpa, you and your dog will enjoy strolling at this huge park for hours! Similar to Elanora Park, Kianawah Park also has agility equipment to sharpen your dog’s physical and mental skills. There is also an enclosed off-leash area where your dog can mingle with his other furry friends!

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